Process of Requesting Professional Development 

If I am interested in using my PD funds for a professional development opportunity, when should I submit my PD request?

Please submit your PD request before you make your purchase or fill out the Vendor Request Form.

What is the maximum amount I can accumulate in my professional development funds?

The maximum amount you can accumulate in your professional development funds is $1,500. Every year, a total amount of $750 will be added onto your remaining balance from the previous year. If the newly carried-over amount exceeds $1,500, it will be adjusted to the maximum limit of $1,500.

Who should I contact if I have more questions about professional development?

General inquiries should be directed to: HRTraining@accion.org.
If you have any specific concern, please email Libby Morley, HR Associate, at EMorley@accion.org.

Who can access Accion’s Learning Portal?

Anyone with internet access and the link can access Accion’s Learning Platform. However, to access the course catalog, a user must have a log-in.

What is the evaluation form used for?

Your evaluations will be extremely appreciated. We will use the evaluations to:

  • Identify the best available resources and facilitate the identification of relevant opportunities for other staff. Ultimately, we will compile a list of key recommendations that will be featured in a biannual professional development newsletter.
  • Provide the HR team with valuable insights on how the effort of professional development can be further improved. Our goal is to find out in which areas Accionistas demonstrate a universal need for learning and to accommodate our services to address these gaps.

Professional Development Policy Questions

How do I get reimbursed?

  • Receive approved pre-approval form from HR
  • Submit an expense report through Deltek
  • Email Accounting@accion.org or contact your hub/local accountant with:
    1. Expense report
    2. Scanned copy of all receipts
    3. HR Approved pre-approval form

How should I code my expense report?

  1. Category: Professional Development (name of approving manager)
  2. Project: General(for your department, starting with 900)
  3. Phase: Conference & Trainings

What will happen if I leave Accion after I use my funds?

If you voluntarily terminate your employment with Accion, you must reimburse Accion all professional development amounts spent within the 6 months preceding the resignation date in accordance with Section 2.3 of the policy.

What is the policy on submitting the evaluation form?

Please submit the evaluation form within one month after completing the professional development activity. Further PD request will not be processed until an employee fills out the evaluation form for the previously requested PD opportunity.

I am a new hire, how soon can I get access to the professional development funds? How much funds will be available to me when I gain access?

As a new hire, you will gain access to the PD funds three months after your start date. For your first year, your professional development funds balance will be prorated and adjusted based on your start date. For further details, please refer to the table below.

  • January          750.00
  • February        687.00
  • March            625.00
  • April              562.50
  • May              500.00
  • June              437.50
  • July               375.00
  • August          312.50
  • September    250.00
  • October         187.50
  • November     125.00
  • December     62.50

*Please note that if you start on or after the 15th of the month, you will receive only the pro-rated amount for the next month.