Profiles and Accounts

How do I get a login for the learning site?

Your username is your email address and you can reset your password on the eLearning Courses Page. Email HRTraining@accion.org if you have any challenges accessing the site.

How can I change my password?

After logging in, click on the User Profile button on the top right (the image of a person), this will give you options to change your personal settings including your password.

What internet browser is recommended when using this site?

We recommend using Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome

How do I log out?

In the top right side of your screen you will see your username. Hover over you username with you mouse and a drop-down menu should appear. One of the options will be to log out. You will remain logged in until you log out.


How do I enroll in a Learning course?

Once you are logged in, click on the Learning Center tab, you will then see a link to browse or search course. Click on the course you would like to register for and it will show an Enroll button that you can use to register for the course.

How long do the courses take?

This information is available for some courses but not all. When you click on the course, if the information is available, it will be shown on the enrollment page. Times vary from course to course, but all are flexible in that you can return to where you last left off and move at your own pace. Some courses provided will insist that you move at a certain pace, but all this information will be given to you when you open the course details.

How many courses can I enroll in?

You may register for as many courses as you would like, but we generally recommend you don’t enroll for more than five courses at a time. Once complete, you may register for more. Although more courses have no cost you or your department, Accion does have to pay for some courses, so we simply ask users to complete the courses they enroll in.

Can I resume a course where I left off?

Many courses offer the option to save your location within a course and return to it later. If you wish to resume a course later on, click the Bookmark icon within a course and your current location will be saved. The next time you login and access that course, you will be returned to your bookmarked location.

Why does the course keep stating, “Loading, please wait,” but doesn’t load?

There are several reasons a course may not load. First, Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled. Next, make sure you do not close any of the pop-ups or navigate away from the Global Learning Portal. If the course still does not load, try to use a different web browser. Finally, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Java installed. If you continue to experience difficulty, contact HRTraining@accion.org.

How can I  make sure I’m choosing the right course(s) for me?

While applying for a course, you can find out more about it by clicking on the course title itself. Most course developers have provided us with information pertaining to the course itself that will help you choose. This is usually found in the course objectives and target audience sections. We apologize for any incomplete information on some courses – this information is added by the course developers and some have not filled in this information as well as we would have liked. As more information becomes available this will automatically be added to each course profile.