Internal Programs

Professional Development Resources

Accion offers a diverse group of internal and external programs, that allow Accionistas to challenge themselves and others around them. These professional development opportunities touch upon different aspects of participants’ career paths to make them more efficient and effective contributors and leaders. Many of these opportunities are open to all levels of the organization.

Internal programs include:

Developing Leaders

The Developing Leaders Series is a 6-month program designed to support junior to mid-level employees in their career and professional development. This facilitator-led series offers monthly sessions that provide staff with the opportunity to enhance their leadership capacity and skills through discussion, analysis, and sharing of experiences with their peers.

Lean-In Circle

The Lean-In Circle is a program comprised of monthly meetings that encourage employees to explore professional topics and share personal experiences in a confidential and trustworthy environment. The circle aims to expand and develop key skills that are fundamental in the professional development of our employees.

The program serves as an outlet for staff members to passionately pursue their goals which we feel ultimately lead to their excellence at Accion with an emphasis on peer-to-peer learning. The goal of these monthly meetings is to foster unity and cooperation through the sharing of ideas. This way employees bond, while reinforcing their skills and knowledge.

Management Fundamentals

The Management Fundamentals is a combination of individual sessions that allow staff to strengthen skills, strategies, and techniques for effective management. The program aims to provide all staff with a solid knowledge and understanding of fundamental skills necessary for managing effectively and to create a space to practice these skills.

These monthly sessions lead by outside consultants allow staff from all levels to join and work on improving the skills that are needed to effectively manage.

Mentoring Program

As an important component of the MAX Initiative, the Accion Mentoring Program is designed to support mentors, mentees, and the organization as a whole by creating an environment in which staff work together to build capacity, exchange knowledge and improve communication at all levels. By pairing ‘Accionistas’ across the organization, to the mentoring program fosters leadership development, provides ongoing career support, builds morale, and enhances collaboration through employee partnership.

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